Tiger Vines

The culmination of a fourteen year journey, into the world of wine. 

Travelling, discovering, learning and sharing. Continually searching for those elusive and extraordinary bottles that offer those unforgettable moments of pleasure, wonder & happiness. 

Having worked for top producers in Chablis & Champagne, together with the leading Restaurants, Hotels and Fine Wine Shops in the UK. For the past five years, with family in the US, James has travelled extensively up and down the California coast. 

Specialising in high quality/small production wineries across Champagne, Cognac and California in particular, but also from right across the globe. 

With his own passion & determination to travel deeper into each region, shared by others, gaining access to winemakers and vineyards like no other. Tiger Vines acquires wines so scarce and sought after, they would otherwise never be available in the UK.

James has one overriding belief, that it is the exceptional people behind the names, that create truly outstanding wine, together with the land.

Getting to know all his producers personally, with the experience of having worked directly with some of the leading pioneers in their region gives James access to the real heart of his products. 

Choosing only to forge long term partnerships with those whose passion, dedication, integrity and humility are such, that their wines tell a genuine tale of that devotion. Crafting wines of such body, harmony and complexity, they go far beyond what many could only even dream to achieve.