Arbe garbe

St. Helena, Napa, California


History and Origins

Nestled between Austria, Slovenia and the rest of Italy, Friuli has been silently growing over the centuries just like the “arbe garbe”, the bad weeds, the cover crop that thrives between their vine rows. Enrico and Letizia began crafting Arbe Garbe wines in 2007 as a way to reconnect to their Friulian roots.

Philosophy and Methods

“We make these wines like we raise our children: no absolute rules and no recipes, because each Vintage is unique.”. Mindful connection with their unique vineyards in Sonoma and Napa, careful in-depth study, observation and raw guts is their recipe for success. Grapes sourced from sustainable vineyards that are responsibly farmed. “With a purely hedonistic approach, we create ever-changing blends that embrace the melting pot we live in – California, and the one we’ve left behind - Friuli”.

Intention and Production

Malvasia Bianca from Catie’s Corner Vineyard in the Russian River Valley, Tocai Friulano from Pagani Ranch in the Sonoma Valley, Charbono from Calistoga in Napa Valley (Shypoke Vineyard founded in 1912 by the Heitz family), Ribolla Gialla from Tanya’s Vineyard (also in Russian River Valley). These are fairly unusual grapes, by California wine making standards, certainly not for Friuli. At first you express caution, is this possible? But when you taste the wines, and any hesitation flows away. The wines so compelling, delicious & intriguing. Complete, attentive winemaking, zero funk, just wonderous wines, balanced and structured, layers upon layers of flavour and beauty. A hidden gem, Letizia and Enrico’s passion and skill is without question.