Pessines, France


History and Origins

The house of A. Edmond Audry was founded in 1878. In the early 1950s, upon the death of Aristide Boisson, Audry stopped selling cognac. However, some very old stocks were held back in reserve in the hope that Audry would one day rise again to the fore...That day came in 1978 when Bernard Boisson decided to perpetuate the family tradition that had been dormant for four decades and soon word was out: Revue des Vins de France: "Audry, small little-known producer. Cognacs with a rich bouquet and notes of aromatic citrus fruit. Their Très Ancienne Grande Champagne reaches the sublime". The most striking comment was the conclusion of a report about Cognacs issued in Time Magazine by Alice Feiring (December 2005) : "the best cognac you have never heard of is Audry”.

Philosophy and Methods

Audry cultivates the art of selecting, ageing and blending the best cognacs. Blends are made from the finest cognacs of the two premier districts of the Cognac area: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Retaining a traditional approach offering the highest quality in limited quantities. The know-how of the Cellar Master consists in selecting and blending several lots of different cognacs having achieved maturity and revealing their supplementary qualities, all blooming into a harmonious whole.

Intention and Production

We believe that a great cognac is the fruit of a perfect balance between the bouquet provided by the grapes, the oak coming from the cask and the oxidation due to the surrounding atmosphere in the cellar. Only 10,000 btls per year leave the estate, a closely guarded secret.