The Loire Valley is fairly enormous in size and scale. Ending in Nantes on the Western end, going as far East as Sancerre. Famous names such as; Saumur, Muscadet, Vouvray, Chinon, Bourgeuil, Anjou…the list goes on. The region is littered with small towns that produce unique, terroir driven wines of extraordinary character. From table wines to some of the rarest, most sought after wines of our generation, a holy grail region of followers of the natural wine movement. This is a region that is enjoying an incredible resurgence and the wines that are coming that sometimes play with the notion of the sublime, ephereal an exceptional are unquestionably unique and rare with a real focus on freshness being so far North and due to the heavy impact of the Atlantic Ocean.


To the West of Tours in the Loire Valley lies the regions of Bourgeuil and St Nicolas de-Bourgeuil. Generally considered to produce relatively uninteresting wine, drunk young, sometimes chewy and produced at speed, only certain producers have been able to begin slowly shifting this image. Producing wines from select sites and vines, that are fully capable of aging with grace like Bordeaux or deliciously fresh in youth with bright acids, bright fruit and good tannic structure. With steep slopes, and plenty of limestone in the soil, they have all the ingredients to make quality wines with serious ageability.

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Careful not to be mistaken with the ‘Loire’ river, the ‘Loir’ being a tributary of the Loire. Situated to the North of Tours, this is one of the most northern winemaking regions in France. Jasnières is an appellation for Chenin Blanc, Pineau d’Aunis and Gamay grapes, often considered Grand Cru level, with its micro climates, sloping soils and high Silex content as well as sand and limestone. Being so high, the wines tend to be big on acidity, struggling to ripen fully and hence only a handful of producers make wines of truly high quality. However, there are a few names of note, capable of working hands on with the vines, with meticulous dedication, to create wines of extraordinary character, prowess and ageability. Produced in small quantities and hard to find, these are some of the finest examples for Chenin Blanc and Pinot d’Aunis in the world, often gracing the table of some of the finest restaurants in the world.

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