Chateau La Baronne

Corbieres, South of France


History and Origins

La Baronne is a family property located near Carcassonne in the Languedoc, at the foot of the Alaric Mountain. The philosophy of the Lignères family on its estate is to preserve the biodiversity, the balance of the vines and the ecosystem that surrounds them. Certified Organic / Demeter, actively practicing biodynamic.

The intention is to produce balanced and elegant wines. Thus, they impose very focused specifications and manual work allows them to preserve the beauty of their soils and vines. Producing small yields (20-25hl/Ha) to respect the natural balance of the vines and the grapes.

Philosophy and Methods

The objective is to maintain the grass cover as long as possible. The better the biodiversity of the grass cover, the greater the biodiversity of insects and microorganisms will be. This influences the stability of the ecosystem and the protection of the vines against pests. To preserve the natural ecosystem and to strengthen it they planted trees & bushes nearby the vines along with the creation of stone piles to encourage the natural habitat of small animals, installing of 300 nesting boxes for birds and bats. Finally, by creating water areas, to collect springs and rains.

Intention and Production

Harvest is all done exclusively by hand, at the ultimate ripeness. Vinification of all wines with native yeasts, the extractions in vats are soft, slow; the ageing is made on total lees, and the wines bottled without fining nor filtration. Thus, highlighting the unique terroir and the expression of each grape variety. They produce a range of white and red wines with blends but also single varietals selections like vermentino, Grenache gris or Roussanne in white and mourvèdre or carignan (plantation 1892) in red. Hand crafted wines of real energy, that flirt with the sublime.