Little Carpathians, Slovakia


History and Origins

Located in the heart of the Little Carpathians, just a few kilometres from the historical town of Modra where unique wines have been created for centuries. Wine Park Elesko is a relative newcomer, raising the bar for wine production in Slovakia, a symbiosis of creativity, modern architecture and technology. Since 2004 replanting more than 100 hectares of vines in the regions of the Little Carpathians and 20 hectares in Tokaj, and another 25 hectares have been added in 2016.

Philosophy and Methods

Taking great care of the vineyards thanks to modern technology and knowledge passed down through the centuries. Preferring organic and integrated vineyard protection. In growing the grape, the aim is to achieve harmony between the soil, plants and animals that are found in the area, caring about ecology with respect to the environment. Allowing the grasses to grow between the vines to increase the biodiversity of the vineyard soils. The overall goal is to have the best quality vineyards without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Simply clean, natural and especially healthy fruit. Among all the Slovak wineries, Elesko is exceptional, operating in two regions simultaneously Little Carpathians (Modra) and Tokaj. Modra is not too distant from prestigious wine growing regions of Wachau and Burgenland, Tokaji needs no introduction, however only Hungary can use its prestige, the Slovak counterparts restricted access to the famous Tokaj hallmark.

Intention and Production

With a focus on global varieties, Elesko does not lag behind in the production of local grape varieties (PÁLAVA, DUNAJ, ROSA). Pálava vineyards represent around 18 hectares in Little Carpathians. Currently the biggest single grower of this grape in the world, this is the finest wine in their production. A truly passionate pioneer for a bright future of wine production in Slovakia.