Kinero Cellars
& The Royal Nonesuch Farm

Paso Robles, California


History and Origins

Anthony Yount is somewhat of a prodigy. A St Louis native, studying agricultural finance at Cal Poly. The youngest ever winemaker to head up operations at world renowned Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles at the age of just 25 years old. He first visited the tasting room at 21, four years later, he was making the wines after a stint at local winery, Villa Creek.

Philosophy and Methods

Kinero (born in 2008) and The Royal Nonesuch Farm are his own side projects, only producing single vineyard, organic white wines at Kinero. His passion for white wine, stemmed from his father’s distaste for it. “It’s not that I set out to make white wine out of spite, but rather, he inspired me. You see, he claimed to only like red wine, so it became my goal to find balanced and interesting whites that he would like.” It didn’t take long as he slowly began to appreciate the depth and complexity that carefully sculpted whites can deliver. At Royal Nonesuch Farm he makes a single, majestic red wine, a blend of Grenache, Graciano, Syrah and Clairette.

Intention and Production

Anthony makes just three wines at Kinero; Grenache Blanc (Willow Creek and Templeton Gap), Roussanne (James Berry Vineyard) and Chardonnay (Talley Vineyards). The Alice Grenache Blanc is one of California's leading examples of the grape. Dialing back ripeness and using more old wooden puncheons and concrete tanks to let the Grenache in particular, reveal a distinct Paso-ness that transcended the area's fondness for excess. Elegance, grace, complexity, showing the unique soils and climate he considers himself incredibly fortunate to work with. At his family home on the farm, Anthony makes his tour de force, a red of such bounty and grace. A humble and selfless pioneer, Anthony is helping raise the bar for what is possible in Paso Robles, helping to change the image of the region and inspire others to do the same.