L&C Poitout

Chablis, France


History and Origins

L&C Poitout is one of Chablis new and emerging names. Comprised of the combined passion, enthusiasm, love and destiny of two people, Louis and Catherine. Born and raised in Chablis, families connected to the land as farmers of large & small estates, Chablis was always in their blood. Childhood friends, one day in 1994 their destinies collided. Life took Louis and Catherine away from Chablis for a while, to Alsace and Paris, before returning to Chablis in 2003. To realise an almost unavoidable dream, to start a winery together.

Philosophy and Methods

The Domaine of L&C Poitout is made up of some 18 hectares, combing those inherited by Catherine (Chablis and Lignorelles) with Louis’s father’s, Michel Poitout (Maligny and Villy) and their Domaine purchased in Fleys. Now based in the heart of Chablis, they are able to receive guests for tastings and visits. Unique plots, primarily from North to the Eastern ends of the region, nestled in and around some of the Grand Cru’s, they have exceptional terroir, capable of making truly personal wines of real substance. Their approach is of deep love and respect for the land. Flaura and fauna are strictly preserved, staying on close daily contact with the vines. The most natural viticulture is adopted, parcel by parcel to preserve the uniqueness and personality of each plot.

Intention and Production

From Petit Chablis to Chablis, old vines, and Premier Cru, there was one exceptional discovery to put them on a very unique map; The Franc de Pied. On a 55-acre site designated ‘Petit Chablis’, a rare phenomenon, Chardonnay vines that resisted the Phyloxera disease that practically wiped out European wine production. A Chardonnay with unique power, structure, flavour (notes of ginger and rhubarb), they are the only ones with access to this unique site, and the wine is present on an exclusive lost of top tables such as the Plaza Athenee in Paris.