Cramant, France


History and Origins

Since 2005, Gilles, a graduate oenologist and winemaker has been in charge of the estate. Steeped in family traditions and trained under his father, keeping the family story going on for over 120 years. Early in the 20th century, Jean-Baptiste Lancelot, then a master vigneron with the house of Mumm in Cramant, tilled his first acres of vines. The House is now fully independent regarding the production of its champagnes, from processing the grapes to marketing its bottles, just 70 000 per year.

Philosophy and Methods

The estate covers 8.30 hectares of vines. The plots are cultivated on the terroirs of both the Côte des Blancs and the Marne Valley. The dedication combined with the expertise handed down over the generations and a passion for the land, the vines and the craft of the vigneron give them control and perfect mastery over the cultivation of their vines and the harvesting of their grapes. Their land parcels being spread over a wide area require special care and ensure a great variety of character to the vines, offering a wide palette of aromas and flavours when it comes to blending the cuvées. This great variety enables Gilles to maintain the style of Lancelot-Pienne champagnes.

Intention and Production

The focus of Lancelot Pienne is to pass on what they have been graced with. Based in the village of Cramant, Cotes des Blancs, Grand Cru, the focus is Chardonnay. However, Gilles uses no oak in his wines, preserving the freshness, with great care to highlight the base wines impact on the overall wine he creates. Elegance, balance, depth of flavour and wonderful length, these are the hallmarks of this special, hidden gem of a House.