Quality ingredients…. 

Look into any luxury brand or product, and should you look deep enough, you’ll surely find that at the source, lies an original pioneer. The individual or individuals, whose passion, dedication and intention lies in sourcing and working with the most extraordinary & rare raw materials. Applying him or herself to their craft, daily, with wisdom, humility and devotion, to craft the truly exceptional. 

Together, we combine our individual strengths, talents & passion, to journey and uncover these true pioneers, artisans and advocates for quality and uniqueness, around today. Travelling to some of the worlds most sought after regions for quality produce, slowly uncovering those hidden away, master-craftsmen and women, working the land. Bringing a small selection of their offerings to the UK, some for the very first time, and exclusively through Tiger Vines. 




I set up Tiger Vines back in April 2017, after 8 years with Billecart-Salmon Champagne. In need of some sun with my wife and 6 month old, we took a break to see friends and family in California. My brother in law had introduced me to a bottle of 2011 Paul Lato Atticus which blew my mind. Layers of texture and flavour, smoky, silky, savoury, earthy… pure alchemy, magical even, sparking a renewed interest in California wines and the new wave.

Returning to London, I set an intention to help raise awareness for their wines in the market for long term. Armed with just a few pallates of wine, no customers but with a drive like never before, I set off to do just that. I asked a collection of the most pioneering and hidden away winemakers in their regions, to part ways with a few cases. Paul Lato and Ernst Storm, were the first to say yes…trips to Champagne, Burgundy and beyond soon followed.

What excites me above everything that we’re doing, there’s literally no limits to where we can go. The medium is craft, but the channel, is individuals. Just better, connected. Here’s to the next chapter!

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LUCIE BELLAMY - operations, PRESS & PR

James and Lucie first met whilst working at Billecart-Salmon, some 10 years ago. Starting this new journey with Tiger Vines, looking for those ultimate ‘perfect fits’ to build the foundations with. Those individuals who ultimately share the fundamental ethos of what Tiger Vines is all about and go that extra mile, Lucie was always first in mind. 

Helping to nurture a more connected community, with a mindset and work ethic to support, nurture and give real value to those we’re fortunate enough to work with. Lucie does just that, and much more besides.

Passionate about people, ensuring we aim to over deliver at every junction. Taking care of all the day to day operations at Tiger Vines. Lucie also has a wealth of experience in PR and Marketing, heading up this side of the company also. 

When not with Tiger Vines, she spends all her time and energy brining up her two gorgeous little girls and when ‘off’ the clock, they can often be found down on the allotment together.

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Sunaina Sethi - DIRECTOR

Sunaina is the Operations Director and Wine Buyer for JKS Restaurants. Named as Imbibe’s 2016 Restaurant Personality of the Year, Sunaina is an expert sommelier and is known for championing wines from lesser known regions such as Greece, Germany and the nascent wine industry of India.

After studying at Nottingham University, a career in finance initially led Sunaina to Germany, but she soon returned to the UK to pursue her love of wine and join the family business.

James and Sunaina have known and worked with each other for almost eight years. Forming a close friendship built on trust, delivering on promises above expectations. Always envisaging a project together, posting images from California, Sunaina dropped James a line upon his return, and together they embarked on an exciting new journey with Tiger Vines.

With one foot in the restaurants, and one in the vineyards, able to keep our end consumer in constant focus. Ensuring the wines and producers we have on board, are not just a perfect market fit, they are capable of pushing the boundaries on expectation..